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Improving Lives and Communities. Simplifying Healthcare. Expecting More.


To be the most innovative, valuable and inclusive partner.


  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Agility
  • Diversity

Who We Are?

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that specializes in digital transformation and provides IT and business operations services for US Payers, Legato Health Technologies is uniquely positioned to define the future of healthcare technology.

The Legato team comprises 17,000+ highly experienced professionals across multiple locations, including the US, India, and the Philippines. The team provides deep expertise in healthcare operations
across all functional areas of the US Payer domain. Proficiency across technology domains including data analytics, digital technologies, automation, and artificial intelligence.


Legato’s Data Analytics and Digital Solutions are designed to enhance customer experience through data-driven insights, workflows, customer analytics and innovative technologies. Legato also uses industry leading AI and cognitive technologies to solve complex medical problems and business challenges that can improve patient care.

Legato offers a range of services to provide a reliable and robust technology backbone to support Payer organizations - from application development and maintenance to IT Modernization and cloud support. Legato significantly simplifies member IT operations through intelligent automation and business processes transformational initiatives.

Legato offers business support for all critical business applications as well as strategic and transformational initiatives to enable a Payer organization’s vision and goals. We help Payers empower their partner health care providers, supporting them to provide a smooth and seamless customer experience.


With a strong corporate heritage derived from our parent company (Anthem), coupled with the energy and passion of a start-up, Legato is constantly striving to build a best-in-class organization that is inclusive and innovative, and is committed to creating value for our people, customers, stakeholders and the communities around us.

The Legato Advantage

Legato brings innovative capabilities and a depth of experience across all functional areas for Payers. Our customer organizations benefit from access to end-to-end capabilities in Information Technology, Clinical/Rx/Admin Operations, and Data & Analytics.

Since our inception in 2017, Legato has successfully delivered tens of millions in value and savings achieved through lower cost and improved performance.

With a holistic focus on Payers and the US Healthcare industry, Legato is steadily moving towards realizing our vision to transform healthcare – delivering tens of millions in value – lowering cost and improving performance.

What Makes Legato Different

  • Sole focus on healthcare and insurance
  • 17,000+ strong, diverse, multi-cultural team with deep experience in the health insurance space
  • Ability to flawlessly manage end-to-end Payer processes based on proven expertise in optimizing large-scale Payer operations
  • Heritage of a large healthcare organization coupled with the flexibility and mindset of a start-up
  • Dedicated Digital and Analytics teams focused on the Payer market and processes, delivering solutions tailored to Payer challenges

About Us

Founded in 2017 as a fully owned subsidiary of Anthem Inc., Legato Health Technologies is committed to transforming healthcare through operational excellence, innovation and digital transformation.